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One Love's Mission Statement:

"We are a group of like minded individuals dedicated to finding and showing others the beauty in life every day through loving others, yourself, and the world around you. We put on events and programs that enhance the overall wellness and satisfaction of life as well  as help people learn to care for and respect the world we live in. We want to help people weave a common thread of love throughout all aspects of their life."


History of One Love:

One Love was founded in the Fall of 2008 by Betsy Keane and Bianca Manago, 
and accepted its first members in the Spring of 2009. 
We have continuted to grow, and usually host approximately 75 members each year. 
One Love works to show love to everyone in all aspects of life. 

Past Events:

  • Bastrop Clean-Up: 
    OneLove's Community Outreach and EcoJustice went on an overnight camping trip to Bastrop to help
    clean-up an area affected by the Bastrop Wildfires. With our help, we saved the family $3,444 in cost! 
  • Free the Girls:
    Global Outreach worked with members of the TAMU campus to collect bras for Free the Girls. 
    Free the Girls is an organization that works with women in Africa to help them get out of the sex trafficing business. 
    The women mend and fix the bras, and then sell them to raise money instead of being forced
    to sell their bodies to provide.  
  • GED Tutoring:
    The Social-Fundraising Committee and Education Committee worked at the Barbara Bush Center
    to assist with adults studying to get their GED.Every Thursday, our committees would go and help tutor
    the math class in preparation for the upcoming GED test. 
  • LiNK:
    LiNK is Liberty in North Korea, an organization that raises awareneses for the people of North Korea 
    and the cruelty of their government.  LiNK comes and shows a documentary of their work to
    save refugees from North Korea and relocate them safely to South Korea, the US, or other parts of Asia,
    preferrably with family. 
  • OneLove Palooza:
    Every year, One Love puts on a palooza to sell tie-dye t-shirts & paintings, play games, and bring happiness to campus.  
    Each year, we look forward to becoming more involved with the students and
    threading more love throughout the lives of others!
  • PawPalooza:
    OneLove's Community Outreach put on a festival to help the Bryan Animal Shelter raise awareness for all their cause
    of helping animals find a family. Admission to the festival were strictly donations given to Bryan Animal Shelter.
    We had a great turnout and was so happy to see some of the animals find a new home! 
  • Soles 4 Soles:
    Global Outreach collected shoes from members of the TAMU community to donate to an organization
    called Soles for Souls. Soles for Souls takes donated shoes, mends and cleans them, and then donates
    them to people in need. Soles for Souls works with disaster relief efforts such as those with Hurricane Katrina,
    Hurricane Rita, and the Asian Tsunami.
  • Still Creek Ranch:
    The Sustainable Living Committee and EcoJustice Committee worked at Still Creek Ranch,
    a safe haven for children who need a place to call home. The Environmental Branch worked to put in a community garden
    for the children to work at and to grow their own herbs and vegetables to provide a more sustainable future.
  • Timber Academy:
    Sustainable Living also volunteers time at the local Timber Academy, a unique school for 6-12th graders who have gone through difficult situations. We help lead a horticulture class, run a greenhouse, and be upstanding role models.
  • OneLove has also put on a Recycling Flash Mob (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWryC38XPCM),
    built recycling dividers for BVR, worked with Twin City Missions, put on an Earth Hour Acoustic Concert,
    and much much more!  

Applications for the Spring 2014 semester!

One Love is now accepting applications for the Fall 2014 semester! If you are interested in joining our organization, please look under the "Apply!" tab on the navigation bar to find our applications and follow the instructions posted there.

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to onelovetamu@gmail.com, or come visit our booth at MSC Open House Sunday, September 7th, 1PM-5PM!


We're excited to see some new, motivated faces working with us this semester!

Informationals and Applications for the 2014-2015 year!

If you're interested in our organization and would like to know more about what we do, please attend this informational and get to know the staff as well!

To apply to One Love, download the application attached and email it to onelovetamu@gmail.com by 11:59 PM on Saturday, January 31st.

If you are new to One Love, please fill out the New Member Application. If you are a returning member of One Love and intend to reapply, please fill out the Returning Member Application.

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